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How should I plan for my Newborns session?

Deposits are due within 12 hours of booking.

No Cell Phone photography in my studio Allowed, Sorry!


***First, we both have very busy and precious lives. So I have designed my site in a way for both of us to savor our valuable time. I have tried real hard to answers most all of your questions. If you read all of my information, but still have questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

Each session has handpicked props in order to create a unique and special memory.
Newborn sessions can last up to 3 hours. Babies should be very sleepy, and under the age of 10 days to achieve those cute curly poses. ***Reminder, after a newborn is 10 days old, an additional fee is charged. Please see my Additional Info here. Suggested 5-6 days for the popular "Froggy" composite & "Taco" pose. I prefer to do my newborn sessions in the morning at 9:00AM or 10:00AM. Simply because they do take up to three hours long. Trying to plan a night session after dad gets out of work, tired and hungry makes for a crying baby. Trust me.

***Keep your newborn comfortable but awake before your arrival. Please feed them a full feeding, just before I begin to pose their little bodies. I will capture those undisturbed cuddly images that way. My lighting and prop setup time, just before I begin to pose your newborn, is usually a good time for that full feeding.

***Some really important suggestions for GREAT SLEEPY photos... Other siblings if not in the photos at the time should be supervised and taken to my waiting room while your newborns session is going on. It is a serene, private and quiet time for those fresh new birth; clean & crisp moments. Going along with these simple guidelines will get you the desired look of what God created for you. A precious little peaceful newborn. Thanks.

Please read my: Prepping for a Successful Newborn Session at least a week before your session and again the day before. It helps with other questions and those cute poses.

*** PLEASE READ my Question & Answers. Q&A page It usually save time now and later.
Please *** ONLY, Mommy & Daddy during the photo session, besides me and possibly a spotter. (my assistant)
Please no cell phone photography while I am capturing those precious moments you are looking for.

Remember to book your newborn session in your 3rd trimester or earlier!
Moments2photo Photography offers customized maternity and newborn sessions that are perfect for your comfort.

Maternity sessions are best done around 30-35 weeks at an outdoor location and can include family poses as well.


***Moments2Photo Hours:
I am normally pretty flexible. But,... Lately, My hours are very limited. Due to very long editing hours.

Wednesdays & Thursdays 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM ***Evenings are not suggested or encouraged for newborns.***

Saturdays 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Special hours for certain circumstances only, - such as, Newborn or a snow day for maternity outdoors.

Closed on Sundays.

I have my own studio with studio lighting, but I still I love natural light.
A bright window or outdoors. Earlier is always best.

*** PLEASE READ.....But, if Sunday is your only option, an extra $30.00 charge will be added. Thanks so much!

Summer weather outdoors: my hours will start earlier and end later.
Sun Up to Sun Down! Ideally for Belly Love sessions. ***Evenings are not suggested or encouraged for newborns.***

It is my shear joy in capturing sweet newborns first days of his or her life.
It is a blessing for me to help parents with their little bundles, by creating a lasting memory of many magical moments.

Thank-you for your interest in my talents and for trusting me to create a piece of art for you to cherish.

*** (An earlier delivery date does not apply to my cancellation policy)
This is perfectly normal, and we work on a your alternate session date together.

Cancellation Policy… In the event that you should cancel your session, this fee can be used to book at a later time. In the event of a second cancellation, the photographer’s time and consultation is therefore prepaid from your booking retainer to her.
Fees are non-refundable. If your appointment is changed because of early delivery that's not a problem. That's a blessing.

***Photo Print Prices are not included in my session prices. Printing link here!

See also my Q&A page.

I am there to help you in whatever way you may need. I am not in a hurry. I wait or help with your sweet-peas changing and or feeding. But I do ask that you not schedule any other events for the day I that come. It make for a nervous mommy & baby. Me too! 


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Lynette Sue of moments2photo photography specializes in maternity & newborn portraiture in the Milwaukee area.
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