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I am always confronted with new questions. And these are important to you. Just like my answers from you are just as important to me.
( Q. ) When will my images be done after my session?

( A. ) Two to Three weeks for a definite time frame. But,  two weeks is what I try for. Holidays and busy seasons may take three weeks. Certain circumstances happen even earlier if important. I always give at least one sneak peek that day. Or possible the next day. But after that, I am editing another client’s photos from the week before. 

I will always post my images to my Facebook business page. And possible my personal page. Many times I will post to my learning groups for CC, creative comments, constructive criticism and what ever.  Thanks in advance for understanding. I love you all. Please know that I understand you may want them as soon as possible. And I will try. By the way this flier was made up before the rental of my studio, so many things may have changed. By reading this you do agree. 


I am very pleased and excited to have a photo session with you and your family. 

Some questions you may have about me are answered here. Although, l am somewhat flexible. Please Read. 

First off: 


  • Please acknowledge all of this before a booking. I post my images on Facebook and Instagram. Please agree with me posting them.

  • You want me to create a stage exactly to another photographers image. (please do not send me those types of images.) 

  • If you want me to lower a price for you.

  • If your deposit is not paid within 12 hours of booking.

  • If you don’t feel like reading my entire website.

  • If you ask many questions that are already on my website to read.

    My fees are on my investment page. Yes, the digital images are yours to keep.
    Yes, I have many ideas and props. Yes, I do belly bump sessions as well.
    House call photo sessions are pretty appealing with a newborn.
    No hidden costs or fees or anything like that. Just tax which is added after the different choices you may want.
    There are no strings attached at all. Turn around time is two to three weeks. Holidays for sure three weeks.
    A ll digital images are for you to keep, bring or upload to the photo lab of your choice. I can suggest professional printing labs for you, if you desire. But, you may have a desired photo-printing lab of your own. None of my professional digital images are Proofs. I give you all rights and supply you with a print release document, which will be sent to your email. If you would rather me print some photos for you, I have designed print packages that you may enjoy looking over. I would never share your name or information with anyone.
    Newborns are best at 3-10 days old because they stay asleep while mommy & I pose their cute little bodies. Babies are older than 10 days are babies. And their sessions are $20.00 more than a newborn session.
    Session may take up to 3 hours for newborns or babies because of feedings and sleeping schedules. So please be prepared for me to set up and help you out in any way. Also please if possible try not to plan a doctor's appointment on that same day; or any other major activities such as guests coming to visit.
    It just makes everyone tense and in a hurry. We should all feel relaxed and calm for the photos to turn out creamy and crisp. I will send you helpful hints to follow after your deposit is paid.

    I enjoy the pleasure of taking photos, using my talent, earning a special experience and making new friends. I enjoy helping families who love their precious moments together and would like to capture them with my talents. You have my trust and professional safety to count on. I am a retired graphic designer so I do not have a studio per se’. Actually, I find many other ways with many props that I own. My Studio, your home or a pretty park all comes in handy for many adorable photos. I have many ideas, so hopefully something catches your eye on my web site or Facebook page.
    Thank you for your time and I am excited to meet you and your families.

    My address and phone number is on my Facebook page. If you need directions I can send you that.

    Lynette Busche moments2photo@gmail.com http://moments2photo.com
    Please like on my page Thanks! www.facebook.com/pages/Moments2photo

    Let's make that session appointment today!

I appreciate and thank-you for trying to look me up here. Because I really do care.

In the mean time please visit my Facebook Page: moments2photo

Lynette Sue of moments2photo photography specializes in maternity & newborn portraiture in the Milwaukee area.
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