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I am always confronted with new questions. And these are important to you. Just like my answers from you are just as important to me.
( Q. ) When will my images be done after my session?

( A. ) Two weeks for a definite time frame. But, one to two weeks is what I try for. Holidays and busy seasons may take three weeks. Certain circumstances happen even earlier if important. I always give at least one sneak peek that day. Or possible the next day. But after that, I am editing another client’s photos from the week before. 

I will always post my images to my Facebook business page. And possible my personal page. Many times I will post to my learning groups for CC, creative comments, constructive criticism and what ever.  Thanks in advance for understanding. I love you all. Please know that I understand you may want them as soon as possible. And I will try. By the way this flier was made up before the rental of my studio, so many things may have changed. By reading this you do agree. 

Let's make that session appointment today!

I appreciate and thank-you for trying to look me up here. Because I really do care.

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Lynette Sue of moments2photo photography specializes in maternity & newborn portraiture in the Milwaukee area.
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