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Prepping for a Successful Newborn Session

The first few days of a baby's life are so magical and incredible! Babies do very well in the studio for posing when they are in a
very deep sleep. To encourage this I highly recommend, stimulating the baby at least two hours before your scheduled arrival,
a warm bath always does the trick. No Onesies. Try to pump a full bottle of breast milk to bring along. Please no caffeine or
coffee for 48 hours before your session.

-Newborn sessions are recommended to be done before 2 weeks of age (preferably between 4-7 days) while they are still in
that sleepy and curly stage. After two weeks of age, they tend to be disturbed more easily while sleeping and it is not as easy
to get the true newborn poses and look. They can also become colicky or baby acne can start to flare.

In order to ensure that the newborn session runs as quickly and as smoothly as possible, please follow these steps:

1. If nursing, try to avoid eating anything spicy (ie. pizza, hot sauce, etc) or anything that will cause gas and might upset baby's
tummy for 48 hours preceding your scheduled session. A gassy baby will not pose well during the session due to their little
tummy being upset. *Some other foods that may cause gas are dairy products- milk, cheese, yogurt, pudding, cream, or any
food that has milk, milk products, casein, whey, or sodium casein it, as well as foods with caffeine, soy, fish, peanuts, chocolate,
wheat, beef, nuts, eggs, corn, or citrus fruits (Courtesy BabyCenter & Modern Mom parenting).
*If baby happens to be gassy the day of your session, Oval or Gripe Water can be used to help ease baby's discomfort.

2. Interact with and keep baby awake for 1-2 hours before your session to ensure he/she is good and sleepy for the session.
This is very important. Without this, we spend too much time getting them to sleep and not as much time photographing them.
*Stimulating baby with a bath or by doing 'naked time' prior to the session are some tricks that you can use!

3. Please make sure your little one has a full belly for the session. Please feed baby just before you leave for the studio. I have
many clients who arrive at the studio saying that they gave baby a small feeding about 45 minutes ago and need to feed baby
upon arrival. Baby usually wakes up during this feeding at the studio and has trouble falling back into a deep, restful sleep. If
baby is bottle feeding, please bring extra bottles and milk (formula or breast milk) - (babies work up quite the appetite being
constantly moved around in the warm studio). Also, baby should be fed as much as possible in the 12 hours that precede the
session. This will allow for baby to sleep as deeply and as long as possible. *A full baby = a sleepy baby, and we need a very
sleepy and calm baby in order to achieve the sweet, flexible poses you see in my portfolio. I may ask you to ignore a strict
feeding schedule for the 2.5 hours at the session. The only way we will achieve calm, flexible poses is if baby is fully satiated
and sleeping. I would rather have you give baby an extra feeding than have you worry that baby isn't sleeping and we're
missing out on some cute poses.

4. Dress baby in loose fitting clothes to avoid any lines on baby's skin and to also avoid disturbing baby when getting
undressed. A simple sleeper is best. Please avoid onesies or anything that has to be pulled off over baby's head. *Your
newborn will be photographed in his/her birthday suit for the majority of the session but we pay careful attention to ensure
baby bits are not exposed in any photos. Clothes tend to be bulky and awkward.

5. Bring a pacifier – they can be very helpful during the session!

6. The studio will be kept at about 85 degrees F to keep your little one warm while being photographed. For nursing moms
who may need to step inside the studio to nurse baby, I recommend dressing in layers.

7. When you arrive, please leave baby in the car seat when bringing him/her into the studio. When it is time we will remove baby very slowly in the warm studio to avoid disturbing them as much as possible.

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